Exploring college options

There are nearly 3,000 colleges in the United States that offer 4-year degrees. The sheer variety of options, from rural liberal arts colleges to public state universities, can feel overwhelming. After you understand the differences between what's out there and begin to get a sense of what you want, however, the choice becomes infinitely more manageable!

Hear from Sal and several guidance counselors on what it takes to find great college matches. Then, begin planning your own search with a timeline for exploring college options.

Community college or 4-year program? Public or private? University or liberal arts college? There are countless exciting decisions to make as you consider your college options, and the first step is understanding the types of colleges out there!

Once you've identified several target schools, a campus visit can be a great way to narrow down your options. Even if you can't visit target colleges that are located far away, taking time to explore your local college campus can give you a sense of what you want in a college.