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- Well, I'm a very independent person. My mom raised me that way. It was me, my mom, and my little brother forever, and so I was used to take care of other people, so I wanted to go somewhere where I didn't have to take care of other people or feel obligated to do so, because I'm so far away. So that's a good thing, because I can just worry about myself, and I had so much freedom to work with that it was just amazing, because I was so far away. But I do tend to miss my family, and there was a couple times when my mom had some accidents, so she may have ended up in the hospital, and those things are really hard for me, because I'm so family-orientated. And so not being able to reach out, not being able to help my brother with that math class, it's kind of hard to see, like, my family struggle a little bit without me being there, but I know that, and my mom always encourages me that I'm making the right decision and bettering myself being far away for four years and then deciding what I want to do afterwards. So it's hard, but then again, it's not as hard as I thought it would be initially.