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- [Calvin] I'm Calvin Carter. The name of my company is Bottle Rocket Apps. There's several different ways that app developers make a living. A lot of them are selling their wares on the App Store. They either do that through charging for the download, or it's a free download with a Micro Currency model or a subscription model. Companies like Bottle Rocket have a variety of ways that we make money. The majority of Bottle Rocket is professional services type revenue, where we work with some of the largest and most discriminating brands in the world to bring their brand to mobile. Mobile apps are essentially, today, in my opinion, one of the most relevant and meaningful brand experiences a customer, or we call a user, can have. We have lots of sessions with the brand managers and creative directors, and we go through brand design guidelines. We go through deep strategy sessions, where we get very heady, frankly, about the brand and what it means, and what it is and what it's not. We have a business aspiration called "Taking Risks Centered On Our Strengths." A lot of articles I speak with younger ones that kind of bounce around a lifestyle business from, you know, three to 10 employees and they go up and down throughout this, and they do this for eight or 10 years, so this is not an any day now, I'm just waiting for my ship to come in. No, your ship has come in daily at this point. You're just letting them go by, or you're not fully capitalizing on them, and I feel a lot of it has to do with the thrash that an entrepreneur can create in their organization, as well as their own heads, by wanting to do everything. As an entrepreneur, you have to learn how to say no to at least just a few things, or say yes to what you're willing to do. Yes, it's a paycheck today, but it's a pink slip tomorrow, so to speak. You have to focus on what you can take on and what you can't take on.