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Marc Ecko - Porażki są lekcjami prowadzącymi do sukcesów w przyszłości

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Marc: My name is Marc Ecko. I created a clothing company about 20 years ago called Ecko Unlimited and have built many different disparate consumer product companies off of that. Someone's throwing punches at you, you kind of figure it out. You take a couple shots to the head you stand back up, you try not to take in so much. You try to figure out of ways to evade them and to return, right? I think the spirit of realizing your side hustle and your passion and pursuing your passion is less academic than we painted. You just have to be prepared to know that the learning's just never ever gonna end. I remember a moment when I started to go from just t-shirts where it's just my art, screen printing where that production cycle was very tactical. I knew it. The minute I went to cut and sew our outerwear. Now you're dealing with seams. I remember sending my first drawing over to the manufacturer for the first piece of outerwear. I remember I based it on a prototype of a jacket that I'd bought for let's say, just for the conversation's sake, 50 bucks. I get back the quote from the manufacturer based on my drawing and the price is like $35, the cost. On the wholesale it's going to sell to the retailer. 35 times 4 is effectively what's going to cost at retail. What's that, 140 bucks, right? I'm thinking to myself I based it on a jacket that was 50. What's going on? Why is it so expensive? He said, "Well, the consumption." It was a learning moment. Consumption? Consumption, isn't that what you do when you eat? What do you mean the consumption? "Well, you're sleeves, the way you designed the sleeves, "you don't want a seam here." I drawn effectively a jacket that had no seam here. It was in my naïveness of designing it I just forgot to put the seam. It turned out that the way that they were going to have to cut the fabric in the paper pattern was going to consume more of the yardage. It made production more wasteful. Designing something without fully comprehending the limitations on the production side suddenly that became the rabbit hole to learn production. If you've got a dream go realize it, all right? And be prepared to have it hurt and be prepared for the dirty secret which is it's going to be lots of little failures that make success. How can you realize your voice, your passion and what can you glean from these lessons? I'll tell you, the gateway, the pearl to true education is the tolerance and acceptance and the embrace of failing and knowing it's going to be painful. What's there for you? What are you going to make of it? What's your brand? Look in the mirror, why don't you ask yourself? You're not unique in having those questions. You've to discover that path. It's a self-motivated, self-directed journey. And if you don't know figure it out even if it's just 10 yards in front of you. And work to get to those 10 yards then figure out the next 10 yards and then the next.