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There was the Vietnamese war, was waging and I was against the Vietnamese war, I was 15 years old. I decided to start the magazine to campaign against it. It's called Student and was sort of the national magazine for young people. The magazine didn't make much money but it got a big circulation, about 100,000 young people bought the magazine, and one day I took an advert in the magazine, "Virgin Records, 10 to 60% off any album on any label", and listed the kinds of records we liked, things like Frank Zappa rather than Andy Williams, and so we became very much the rock 'n' roll mail order company , and then we started signing our own bands, bands that we couldn't get other record companies to release, we released ourselves. There are bands everywhere that want to be found, it's finding the right ones. I had a 15 year-old boy called Mike Oldfield come to me with a tape called "Tubular Bells", in which he recorded all the tracks himself. I literally went to another record company, borrowed an artist called Sandy Denny's contract