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Khan Academy practice system

We've written over 600 questions to help you prepare for the AP Computer Science Principles exam. Here's an overview of how you can practice with those questions here on Khan Academy.


Most articles are followed by an exercise to practice the skills and knowledge from that article. Each exercise asks you to complete 4 questions at a time, pulled from a set of 12 potential questions.
When you complete an exercise, you'll see what percentage you answered correctly. We encourage you to practice again if you missed any or you simply want to make sure you have a firm grasp of the topic. Since each exercise has 12 questions, you can practice 3 times before you start seeing repeated questions. So go ahead, practice again!
Most of the questions are multiple choice, since that's the format used by the exam. A few questions use other answer formats (like a sorting widget or free input box) to help deepen your understanding of a topic.
Many of the questions include step-by-step hints that show you how we would answer the question. When that's available for a question, you'll see "Stuck? Use a hint" under the answer options. When you complete a question, you may also see the option there to see the hints. When you're struggling on a question, we strongly recommend you to step through the hints or read the related article. That's what they're there for!
For other questions, we provide rationales instead and display them after you choose an answer. If you chose correctly, we'll display all the rationales. If you chose incorrectly, we'll display the incorrect answer's rationale, which can help if you want to try answering it again.


You'll also find a few quizzes in the longer units. Those quizzes pull questions from the previous lessons so that you can practice your understanding across multiple lessons.

Unit tests

Each unit concludes with a unit test, which samples questions from all the exercises in the unit. Take the test once you feel confident that you understand the topics from the unit, whether that's from your classroom learnings, outside studying, or earlier practice on Khan Academy.

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