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Submit your questions about the 2020 AP Macroeconomics exam

Get your questions about the AP exam answered

The videos, articles, and practice questions in this course are designed to prepare you for success on your exams.
If you have specific questions about the exam that are not already covered in our lessons, you can post them in the comments section of this article.
Our content creators will be answering questions in the comments section below starting on April 20th and up to the week of the exam.

Step 1: Add your question

You can add your question in the comments section at the bottom of this article.
(You may need to click "go to the lesson page" to see the comments section on the article, depending on which device you are viewing from)

Step 2: Upvote questions from others

You can upvote questions that you'd also like to see answered.

Step 3: Check back for answers and more content

Between now and the week before the 2018 exam, our content creators at Khan Academy will be answering questions in the comment section. We'll also be making additional articles or videos that will directly answer some of the questions below.
In the meantime, practice with our exercises, quizzes, and unit tests.

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