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Lata 20. XX wieku: innowacje w zakresie komunikacji i technologii


“The year 1870 represented modern America at dawn. Over the subsequent six decades, every aspect of life experienced a revolution. By 1929, urban America was electrified and almost every urban dwelling was networked, connected to the outside world with electricity, natural gas, telephone, clean running water, and sewers. By 1929, the horse had almost vanished from urban streets, and the ratio of motor vehicles to the number of households reached 90 percent. By 1929, the household could enjoy entertainment options that were beyond the 1870 imagination, including phonograph music, radio, and motion pictures exhibited in ornate movie palaces.”
-Source: Robert J. Gordon, economist, The Rise and Fall of American Growth: the U.S. Standard of Living Since the Civil War, 2016
The pattern described in the excerpt most directly contributed to which of the following long-term developments?
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