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Culture from 1945 to 1960


“I think it is legitimate to say, then, that the Beat Generation’s worship of primitivism and spontaneity is more than a cover for hostility to intelligence; it arises from a pathetic poverty of feeling as well. The hipsters and hipster-lovers of the Beat Generation are rebels, all right, but not against anything so sociological and historical as the middle class or capitalism or even respectability. This is the revolt of the spiritually underprivileged and the crippled of soul—young men who can’t think straight and so hate anyone who can; young men who can’t get outside the morass of self and so construct definitions of feeling that exclude all human beings who manage to live, even miserably, in a world of objects. . .”
-Source: Norman Podhoretz, “The Know-Nothing Bohemians,” Partisan Review, 1958
The excerpt is best understood as a response to which of the following historical developments?
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