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Read the excerpt and answer the question below.
“If the police do not protect homosexuals as they have not protected us in the past, then I can see in the near future a separate police force paid for and operated by the homophile community. Unless restrictive laws are changed, unless the courts uphold the rights of homosexuals, we shall have no alternative but to go to the Supreme Court and overturn these laws that state all men are treated equally in our courts except for homosexuals. If politicians do not openly address themselves to homosexuals, it will be because they do not need our 90,000 votes in San Francisco. We shall put in office public servants who will talk to homosexuals.
“We ask no special favor. We want only ordinary rights like every other citizen of these United States— jobs, homes, friends, social lives, safety and security.
“Here is our challenge to San Francisco: FACE REALITY—FACE HOMOSEXUALITY.”
-William Beardemphl, “A Challenge to San Francisco,” The Ladder, 1966
The ideas of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, as expressed in the excerpt, had most in common with the ideas of which of the following groups?
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