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Hans Haacke: "A Breed Apart" in South Africa

This video brought to you by Tate.org.uk

Since the early 1960s, German-American artist Hans Haacke has been producing controversial work, often seeking to expose systems of power and influence. While some artists might work to engage with local concerns, Haacke brings his art and its topics to a global scale. In this video, he explains his 1978 photographic series A Breed Apart, a group of montages which targets former car manufacturer British Leyland and for its insidious campaigns and actions in apartheid—or racially segregated—South Africa. By juxtaposing slick advertising shots with images of Leyland vehicles “in action,” as he puts it, against the black indigenous population of South Africa, Haacke highlighted the incongruities of the company’s stance.



“I believe it is necessary for the public... the voters... to become aware of these interdependencies, and come up with, hopefully, an alternative,” says Haacke. Do you think art and artists have a responsibility to inform and activate the public?

Learn more about Hans Haacke and his politically engaged works of art here.

Stworzone przez: Tate.

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