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Unlock Art: Where are the Women?

This video brought to you by Tate.org.uk

By calling attention to identity, sexuality, politics, and history, women artists have dominated the art debates for the last several decades. Despite this, only a small percentage of gallery collections and displays belong to women artists, even today. So how do we go about talking about women in art history? Learn more about the changing role of female artists in a male dominated art world over the centuries. Join Jemima Kirke as she guides us through a history of women in art, exploring the ways in which they have been represented, underrepresented, and sometimes misrepresented.

Should there exist a separate Women’s Art History to tell this story, or is it simply a matter of inserting women into existing narratives? What about removing the label altogether, and referring to women artists as just artists? Would this ignore an important component of identity or recognise that women and men can be artists in equal measure? How can women artists be sufficiently recognised without distancing them from art history as we know it?

Stworzone przez: Tate.

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