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Third-party politics


Highest vote shares for independent and third-party US Senate candidates in a regular November election while opposed by both a Democrat and a Republican
YearCandidateThird PartyStateVote (%)ResultMargin
1940La Follette Jr. (i)ProgressiveWI45.3%W+3.9%
1970Byrd Jr. (i)IndependentVA53.5%W+22.3%
2006Lieberman (i)IndependentCT49.7%W+10.0%
2010Murkowski (i)Write-inAK39.5%W+4.0%
Note: "(i)" denotes an incumbent
Based on the table above, which of the following variables made the most difference in winning an election for a third-party or independent candidate in these 7 elections?
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