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Official SAT Practice teacher tools FAQ

Odpowiedzi na często zadawane pytania na temat narzędzi nauczyciela dla Official SAT Practice

How do I track my students’ progress on Official SAT Practice?

Check out our article providing an overview of the Official SAT Practice teacher tools.

Can I assign SAT skill practice or practice tests to my students?

Teachers cannot currently assign SAT skill practice or practice tests to their students. Teachers can, however, assign any of the articles or videos in Tips & Strategies, lesson plans for teachers by teachers, or any other content on Khan Academy. More info on assignments can be found in the Assignments section of Teacher resources
Students will continue to receive personalized skill recommendations for Official SAT Practice based on their past tests, practice history, and the skills’ frequency on the test.

I’m a parent—how can I track my child’s progress on Official SAT Practice?

Parents can use coach tools in the same way as teachers. To view your children’s progress, visit your Teacher dashboard. There, create a class and add your children. You can then follow along with their practice and access related helpful content in the same way a teacher can. For more information on how to create an SAT class, check out our overview on the new teacher resources for Official SAT Practice.

How can I make sure my students are sharing their SAT activity with me?

For you to view a student’s SAT Practice activity, that student needs to explicitly enable SAT data sharing with you via their Official SAT Practice dashboard.
If you’re already teaching a student, when you add that student to a class with SAT turned on, an invitation to share their data will automatically be sent to that student. Once they accept, teachers will start seeing their information.
If you’re not already a teacher for that student, they need to first accept your teaching invite and then login to their SAT dashboard to share their SAT data with you.
If a student has not approved data sharing, their name will appear in a list at the bottom of your teacher dashboard. You can reinitiate a data-sharing request at any time.

What reports do I get about my students' progress?

You will receive a weekly e-mail of your class's activity. If you are not receiving these emails, confirm you have the email setting enabled for this class in your Account settings page. There currently is not a way to export or download a report directly from your dashboard.

Do you have any training materials that would help me implement the SAT coach tools in my classroom?

Yes! College Board created a free, hour-long SAT teacher tools e-learning course. It’s an interactive training experience that you can complete at your own pace covering everything you need to know to get started:
  • The student experience of Official SAT Practice
  • Step-by-step screencasts demonstrating how to create a Khan Academy account, become a teacher, and create classes to access your students’ Official SAT Practice data
  • Guidance on how to use the data to support and motivate students
  • Best practices in linking student accounts

What is counted in "Time practiced" on the teacher dashboard?

Time practiced on the Official SAT Practice teacher and student dashboard only counts time students spend within Official SAT Practice. Specifically, this includes time students spend doing practice problems or taking full exams, watching videos or reading articles related to SAT practice, and time spent engaging with the dashboard. Currently, this does not include time students spend on essay practice.
We stop counting time if a student has been inactive for an extended period of time. These calculations are specific to time spent within Official SAT Practice.

Can I review my students' essays?

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations of our integration, at this time, you will not be able to view your students' essays in the same way you can review their other tasks.

Can you share a class with another teacher?

Teachers cannot share classes with each other; in other words, a teacher can’t enable another teacher to view the progress of their class. However, multiple teachers can add the same student to their classes.

Will teachers get notifications about student activity?

Teachers will get a weekly email that summarizes their students’ activity for the past week. Teachers can unsubscribe from this email at any time by going to Settings, and turning off the setting to receive SAT activity email for your class.

What does a recommended skill mean?

In the student’s practice view, Official SAT Practice recommends specific SAT skills for them to practice. The recommendations are based on the student’s past performance in these skills and frequency on the actual SAT. A student’s past performance determines their skill level. Learn more about skill levels.

Why does the dashboard say “activity not shared”?

In addition to adding a student to your class, your student will need to accept the SAT teacher data sharing agreement. When you add students to an SAT class, they will see a request on their SAT dashboard prompting them to share SAT data with you.

Why don’t all my students see diagnostics?

The goal of diagnostics is to initialize the recommendation system and provide personalized practice within Official SAT Practice. If a student has linked to CollegeBoard.org and imported their real test results or has completed a full-length practice test on Khan Academy, they will already have their levels initialized and don’t need to take our diagnostics.

Can I see how much time my students have spent on Official SAT Practice?

Yes. The amount of time a student has spent will show up in the "Time" column in Recent SAT Activity in the SAT tab of the Teacher dashboard. This updates approximately hourly for "This week", while last week will aggregate the total time spent last week.

Will I still be able to see the questions my student has answered if they haven’t set up a practice schedule?

Yes. The total number of questions a student has completed that week will still show up in their Recent Activity, even if they haven’t yet set a goal—or have set their goal to zero. In the case where a student hasn’t set a practice schedule, you will see a dash (-) instead of a number for their goal.

Do the problems completed on the SAT include Khan Academy work outside of Official SAT Practice?

No. On the SAT tab, the problems completed refer only to the problems done within Official SAT Practice. Other, non-Official SAT Practice work on Khan Academy —including assigned work—will be reflected in the other tabs within the Teacher dashboard, but not on the SAT tab.

Where can I get more information on how my students use Official SAT Practice, including setting up a practice schedule and connecting to College Board?

You’ll find more information about the Official SAT Practice student experience here.

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