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Musa is interested in the relationship between hours spent studying and caffeine consumption among students at his school. He randomly selects 20 students at his school and records their caffeine intake (mg) and the amount of time spent studying in a given week. Here is computer output from a least-squares regression analysis on his sample:
PredictorCoefSE CoefTP
Constant2, point, 5440, point, 13418, point, 9550, point, 000
Caffeine0, point, 1640, point, 0572, point, 8620, point, 010
start text, S, end text, equals, 1, point, 532start text, R, negative, s, q, end text, equals, 60, point, 0, percent
Assume that all conditions for inference have been met.
Which of these is a 95, percent confidence interval for the slope of the least squares regression line?
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