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Angular kinematics review

Overview of equations and skills for angular kinematics, including how to choose the best angular kinematics formula.


  1. ω=ω0+αt
  2. θ=θ0+ω0t+12αt2
  3. ω2=ω02+2α(θθ0)
  4. θθ0=12(ω0+ω)t
  • θ0 is initial angle
  • θ is final angle
  • t is the
  • ω0 is initial angular velocity
  • ω is final angular velocity
  • α is angular acceleration
  • Angular acceleration α is constant over the time interval.

Choosing the best rotational kinematic formula

To choose the rotational kinematic formula that's right for your problem, figure out which rotation variable you are not given and not asked to find. For example, we could use equation 1, ω=ω0+αt, to solve for the variables ω, ω0, α, or t if we knew the values of the other three variables.
Note that each kinematic formula is missing one of the five kinematic variables.

Często spotykane błędy i nieporozumienia

People forget that all the rotational kinematic variables — θ0,θ,ωo,ω,α — are vectors and commonly have negative signs. A missing negative sign is a very common source of error. For example, a wheel’s rotation slows down if its angular velocity is counterclockwise (positive direction) and its angular acceleration is clockwise (negative direction). Slowing down is only possible if the angular velocity and acceleration have opposite signs.

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For deeper explanations of rotational kinematics, see our video about rotational kinematics.
To check your understanding and work toward mastering these concepts, check out the exercises in this tutorial.

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