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Temat: Siła i prawa dynamiki

What makes things move? For about 2000 years we thought we knew the answer but about 400 years back, we realized we were wrong. In this lesson, we will explore the true nature of motion.
What happens when you push something? The answer is not as obvious as it may first seem. Today we call this as Newton's second law. Let's explore this, shall we?
Newton's third law is one of the easiest laws to state yet one of the most confused ones. In this lesson, we will explore the third law and all the misconceptions involved with it.
The concept of momentum is introduced to help us quickly solve particular kinds of problems. In this lesson, we will explore what this momentum is and its connection with force.

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One of the most important laws in physics is the law of conservation of momentum. In this lesson, we will explore how to use this law and see where it comes from.

O tym dziale

Is a force needed to keep things in motion? What does a force do? Do things always move in the direction of the push? Answers to these questions might seem pretty common sense at first, but they aren't. In this chapter, we will explore answers to these questions rediscover Newton's laws of motion.