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Część 1: Ruch — film z polskimi napisami

O tym dziale

Motion is all around us, from moving cars to flying aeroplanes. Motion can have different features like speed, direction, acceleration, etc. In this chapter, we will understand these features in detail and see how it can help us predict the future of these moving things.

One way to answer 'how fast something is moving' is by calculating average speed or average velocity. What's the difference you ask? In this lesson that's exactly what we will explore.
A race car not only has a very high top speed, but it can also 'pick up' speed very quickly. This concept of 'picking up' speed is called acceleration in physics. In this lesson, we will explore this in detail.
Sometimes it's hard to figure out which SUVAT equation to use in which case. In this lesson, we will learn how to choose the equations by gathering data and solving problems.

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